Siluwe hunting areas map.png
Siluwe Limpopo

Our main hunting area is situated in the north-eastern region of South Africa. This area is also home to the Big Five and has a dense wildlife population with a wide variety of species, including hippo and crocodile. We hunt here mainly for buffalo and elephant. The trophy quality of the buffalo in this area, is oustanding!

In addition to the big game we also hunt sable, roan and tsessebe in neighbouring areas. The largest common waterbuck in South Africa are hunted here. The smaller antelopes such as sharpe’s grysbok, steenbok, duiker and klipspringer also occur here. It is possible to hunt the spotted hyena, civet cat and honey badger here as well. 

We also offer photographic safaris and sightseeing tours into the Kruger National Park, something not to be missed, with Kruger being considered the best of its kind. Hoedspruit is located approximately 430 km north-east of Johannesburg.

Siluwe Zululand

Zululand is an ideal habitat for the elusive antelope. It is one of the top areas for nyala, bushbuck, common reedbuck and red duiker. Besides the numerous antelope, the thrill of hunting buffalo and rhino is also on offer.

Sodwana Bay on the Indian Ocean coast, is a tourist gem with fantastic beaches and excellent scuba diving and deep sea fishing. Siluwe has a well-equipped deep sea fishing boat and offers trips to catch marlin, sail fish and other predatory fish. As an diving instructor, Hugo knows Sodwana’s coral reefs like the back of his hand and can arrange unforgettable underwater experiences. Our hunting area is located approximately 475 km south-east of Johannesburg.

Siluwe Mpumalanga

Typical game species here include eland, wildebeest, springbok, blesbok, common reedbuck, mountain reedbuck, grey rhebok and oribi. Not only is the population of game abundant here, but also the quality of the trophies are excellent. Success in hunting the smaller cats such as caracal and serval, is best secured in this area, which is located about 300 km southeast of Johannesburg.

Siluwe Thabazimbi

Here the area is hilly to mountainous with medium-thick to dense bush. Major game species are eland, kudu, hartebeest, gemsbok and wildebeest. South Africa’s biggest warthog are found here and hunters who are interested can also hunt the brown hyena. Thabazimbi is about 250 km north-west of Johannesburg.

Siluwe Kalahari

The Kalahari is a desert plain, with camel thorn trees and varying environments and is very different from the other areas described above. The area is sandy and has a wide variety of wildlife species, the main ones being springbok, kudu, oryx and eland. This gem of a hunting region is located about 550 km north-west of Johannesburg.

Hunting Areas

South Africa has very different biotopes and game species. The selection of hunting areas and hunting planning are dominated by the wild wishes of the hunter.